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9 My Trip to Arizona - 초6년, 미국학교 체험기
관리자 2006-06-14


- KnK 프로그램을 3년 9개월 한 상태(KnK어학원 Gr.4 한 학기 마친 상태) 에서 출국.

- 미국 Phoenix, Arizona에 있는 초등학교 Gr.5  1학기에 편입, 5개월 Stay 후 귀국.

- 현재 초6 년.

- 자신의 미국학교 체험을 친구에게 보내는 편지로 표현함.


My trip to Arizona


     So this was my trip… Oh! Sorry that I didn’t notice you arriving here. I am so happy that you came to hear about my trip to Arizona. I am so excited that you will listen, that I will start right now!

      I went to Arizona with my friend Jae-Eun (Judy). When we first met Heejin and Suzie, we are frozen like ice statues. Like totally frozen, I was so embarrassed. We started unpacking things and because we were thinking about going to school and meeting a whole bunch of kids.. we were frozen again. No Korean kids, all English… I was really scared at first, but when we arrived at school the teachers were so nice. The kids were also nice and kind. I didn’t feel scared after a while. I thought ‘When will I get to know all of these kids?’ I was curious about what will the school teach us and are all the teachers nice? I was very happy that kids and teachers were nice. This was the just beginning of my fun trip.

      When Heejin, I, and Jae-Eun were very friendly and playing jokes on each other, we went to Sedona. Oh my God it was so fantastic, beautiful with red rocks, did you know that I took one of the red rocks? I have it in my room. It is so pretty. Anyway, some of the red rock formations looked like a bell, we took so many pictures. So fantastic and wonderful.

      In November, the school ‘Temped Montessori’ had a really big party themed International Day. We research about a country and on International Day, we wore our costume that represented that country. I researched about Korea. My mom sent me Han Bok  so I wore it in International Day. You know what? That day was so fun some kids performed dances with their parents and everybody cheered. I was very hot that day but you know, everybody had fun and I was happy. Our teacher Mr. Leinback, Jessy’s dad, and Iree’s dad performed a guitar concert. It was not really fun music, but it calmed us down before we ate various kinds of food. Oh didn’t I tell  you? On International Day you had to bring food that represents your country. I brought a corn bread and Korean Dumplings. There was so many foods and it was so good. I loved it so much that my plate was full of different kind of food. I loved the desserts more then main courses. Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, African cookies and everything

        We also went to a Garage sale which opened in Mr. Mark’s garage. There were lots of cool things: fish cushions, lamps, water bottle, milk bottles for babies, toys for babies, bicycles, clothes, and lot of other stuff. We bought an oil lamp. Such a pretty lamp.

        On Christmas, when we went to Disneyland the hotel was so great. We went in and… and… well it had a really high ceiling and chandelier with small balls of lights. Also, there was a Mickey Mouse statue with writing and a map of Disneyland parades. When we arrived in our room, we were so surprised there were two television, three beds, and two rooms with a living room that has a sofa with another small sofa nearby. Plus a refrigerator, and two bathrooms. There was not that big a difference between Korea’s and the United States’ Hyatt Hotels.  I really enjoyed just hanging around the Hotel.

         At Disneyland the ‘Splash and Space mountain’ were really scary, like so scary that we almost cried. Next came the ‘Tower of Terror’ and Indiana Jones, The tower of terror was really fun, but no scary. You know Xylodrop? It is that, looks like an elevator. Indiana Jones, whoa, we waited for that for about 45minutes to ride that 2minutes ride. It was fun, though. So cool.

           I wish I could go there again. I feel that learning English is a good choice. I couldn’t even dream about going to U.S.A if I hadn’t learned English. I won’t be able to talk to my American friends. I gave up studying, where I would have never gone. You know when you go to an institute and about 1 or 2 years later you feel bored. Also, this learning English thing helped me a lot in America. I once was selected as a class supervisor and if I couldn’t speak English I couldn’t be a supervisor!!!  Also, it helped me with a  huge project that the 5th graders had. The Mars Project learning everything about Mars. Knk helped me and I helped me, too.


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