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knk_kjh 2006-11-17

우리 아이들이 다니는 Westbrook  School Grade 5 Class에서 담임선생님이 학생들에게 내준 Reading Assignment입니다. 일주일에 한번씩 학생들이 읽은 책에 대해 느낀점을 선생님께 편지 형식으로 써서 제출하면 선생님이 그에 대한 답장을 학생에게 보내주는 작업입니다. 이로인해 선생님과 학생이 한 책에 대해 서로의 느낀점을 나누고 배울수 있게 될 뿐 아니라 학생들도 책에 대해 좀 더 깊은 생각을 할 수 있게 되리라 생각됩니다.

다음은 선생님의 Assignment 원문입니다. 책에 대한 느낀점을 쓸 때 들어가야할 내용들에 대한 제안도 자세히 들어있어 학생들이 Reading Report를 쓸 때 많은 도움이 될 듯 합니다.^^

Dear Hayoung


This year, you and I will write letters to each other about books, reading, writers, and writing. Our letters will help us learn together. The letters will help you learn more about reading.


 When you write letters in your reading journal, do your best work and share your best thinking. To share your best thinking you always need to explain why you are thinking (i.e. what has caused you to think) in that way. For example you might,


-          Tell what you like or dislike.

-          Tell what about parts of the book that puzzled you or made you ask questions (don’t forget to include the questions and what you think the answers to the questions might be.)

-          Write about something in the book that surprised you or that you found intriguing.

-          Write about your predictions, hypothesis and don’t forget to reflect on whether they were right or not. Consider what experiences may have had that led you to the right answer or the wrong answer.

-          Ask for help figuring out the meaning of parts of your book or the feelings, thoughts or actions of some of its characters.

-          Tell about connections you made while reading the book. Tell how it reminds you of yourself, of people you know, or something that happened in your life. It might remind you if nooks, especially the characters, the events, or the setting.

-          Write about the author’s style and how it makes you feel.

-          Write about the language the author used and why you think the author wrote this way.

-          Write about the author’s craft-what was effective about the way the author wrote.


Write a letter to me once each week. The completed letter is due on the day indicated at the bottom of this letter. Use a letter form and include the title and author of your book as well as the pages you have read to which you are responding. It is important that your letters represent you thinking well. One way to ensure this is to read your letter through before submitting it.

 When I read your journal, I will learn from you, and we learn together about books. This is fun to do once you get the hang of it and together we will learn a lot about books and life.


 Eager to read your letter,

                                                                                                         Ms. Voehtlin


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