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관리자 2006-12-13

** Hayoung은 KnK 어학원 Gr.3과정을 마치고 현재 캐나다 에드먼튼 Westbrook School Gr.5과정에 있습니다. 담임 선생님인 Ms. Voegtlin과 책을 읽고 일주일에 한번씩 그 감상을 나눈 편지글입니다.

**"Quiltmaker's gift"를 읽고...

Dear. Ms. Voegtlin,                                              Nov. 7. 2006


Today, I am reading about There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom by Louis Sachar. I think this is very good to read. When I heard a title of this book, I thought ‘What the hack this book is about?’ The title is so strange you know. After you read to us just a  few chapters, I’m so disappointed to stop listening and work again. It’s a strange book, that I just keep thinking about. When I read through this book, I have a many questions. ‘Why Bradley afraid to give homework to his teacher, even though he did a great work?’ ‘Why Jeff said “Hello” to each person that say “Hello” to him?’ ‘How Carla changed Bradley’s life?’

One thing that I was disappointed in this book, ‘Why Carla have to leave Bradley’ If Carla was not leaving, I think this story will be great. Example of this, Carla can go to Carlin’s birthday help Bradley’s feel comfortable and play with them, or Carla can surprise Bradley by appear in the middle of the Carlin’s birthday or something else. But I think it’s a very good book.

You know what? I want to be great author like this book. One of my dream is writing famous book in the world!! I hope my dream will be come true.



                                           Your student,    

                                                  Ha Young

    I think this book remind of ‘poor’ and ‘rich’. Actually, I really didn’t understand why give away things are happy. I also want lots of things that I want like this king. But give away things for just1 quilt?? It might sounds like selfish to you, but I can't understand. Maybe I didn't understand because I'm not give something away to people who need it. This book remind me these things. I think that's why I like this book.




Dear Hayoung                                                    Nov. 14. 2006


What an excellent letter you wrote. You asked many wonderful questions that are hard to answer, but I will try. You asked why Bradley was afraid to give his homework to his teacher, after he did it. I don’t know if he was afraid or if it make him uncomfortable because he had never done it before. The first time you do anything, it can be very scary. Bradley knew how to cope with not doing his homework, but not with doing it. Jeff said hello to everyone because he is a polite boy and that is what polite do. When someone greets you, you should always greet them as well.

 Carla helped Bradley by believing him and believing in him. He learned that Carla could be trusted and would never heart him. Carla had to leave because some parents were upset that she was talking to some of the children. It seems silly, doesn’t it, when she was helping them so much.

 I hope you become a famous author. You already are a very good writer!

 In the “Quilt maker’s gift”, it seems strange to think that one can be happy by giving things away, instead of getting things. I like to sometimes do nice things for some one that doesn’t expect it. Sometimes I do it secretly. I get such a good feeling from seeing their happiness.


                                                                Take care & keep reading,

                                                                                   Ms. Voegtlin


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