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Our school is located in Bundang, which is a relatively new suburb area of Seoul.
It is connected to the capital through a very convenient transit system.
It takes approximately half an hour to reach the city proper by express bus ($2),
and a little over an hour to get to 'downtown' Seoul by subway ($1).
The area itself is filled with all required amenities including grocery stores, cafes, pubs, restaurants,
fitness centers, book stores, movie theaters, and parks.
There is a nice little river/stream that runs through the area that offers a fine jogging trail.All around are hills that are accessible for hiking. Further out are various cultural attractions including old temples and ancient fortresses.
The children at our school are for the most part conscientious and well motivated.Quite a few have already traveled
abroad, or are in the midst of planning to study either in Canada or the USA.Their language skills are quite well
developed, and aside from topic specific vocabulary your job will not be that of a standard ESL teacher.
As an aside, most of the students are simultaneously involved in a CD-Rom based home schooling program that is
administered by a Korean teaching staff.This also involves reading, writing, and typing contests.To be honest, considering that all of this work is done on top of their regular Korean-language school studies, compared to Canadian/American students of the same age, these children are extremely diligent and hard working!
We focus on an American style curriculum using the Harcourt series of textbooks, various novels,
internet resources, and teacher developed materials.
Instructors are given a lot of freedom in developing their lessons, as long as the overall teaching schedule is
observed.In fact , you should be prepared to devote a significant amount of time to designing, creating, and
implementing plans and ideas for your class.
Writing is an important focus of all classes, and students are expected to submit anywhere between two to three
pages of writing per week (depending on grade, etc. of course!) and so there is a bit of marking to go along
with that . However, our students are definitely up to the challenge, and you will be amazed by their creativity,
imagination , and hard work.
The school philosophy is geared towards preparing the students to succeed in a North American classroom
environment . To that end, we have American textbooks, as well as special projects and events.
In general, classes are meant to mirror as closely as possible their Canadian and American equivalents.
More information on our teaching philosophy is available elsewhere on this website.
Our students have access to one of the largest (if not the largest) library of English language children's literature
in Korea. You can find all the favorites including Roald Dahl, Beverly Cleary, J.R.R. Tolkien, R.L. Stine, Judy Blume, and many more. The library also has an extensive collection of Garfield, Far Side, and Calvin and Hobbes.
There are of course also science books, biographies, magazines, and atlases.
All of the students have library cards,
and you will find many of them plowing through some particular series such as Goosebumps on their own time.
each person can make up his or her mind on what fits them the best , but we do have a majority of staff who are
certified teachers from Canada and America who either have or are considering signing second contracts,
which says something at least.
Pay is commensurate with experience, and is very competitive by Korean school standards.
As far as the details are concerned, feel free to contact the Director to consult on your specific situation…
however rest assured that if hired, you will always receive your pay on time. Also, please note there are also
significant quarterly bonuses that are based on performance evaluations. Working conditions are excellent.
Each classroom contains a computer with internet, and there are two seminar rooms with projectors and
screens. There is also a rooftop patio area for a breath of fresh air. All supplies are provided, and if something
extra is required (for example I needed some plaster for fake fossil making the other day)
the costs will be reimbursed.
Housing is provided if needed, and it's quite nice on the Korean comparison.
The apartments are clean and conveniently located, usually of a single room bachelor style but not claustrophobic.
If you are currently residing in Korea and wish to maintain your residence,
then a monthly housing supplement will be added to your pay.
Yes and yes!
There are two sets of vacation times : one two-week block in the summer, and another two-week block around
the end of December. Korea of course is a convenient location for exploring other parts of Asia...
Japan is only a short hop away, Thailand maybe five hours.
Some teachers have even taken the time to fly all the way back home, only to realize that life does go on without them… so if you’re already in Asia, why not look around?
Personally, I recommend Laos as a great place to explore, but everyone has their favorites.
Staff meetings are held once a week.
Meanwhile, teachers are constantly sharing ideas during break times or after class.
As most of the teachers are either certified educators or hold graduate level degrees there is a constant flow of
helpful advice back and forth, and plenty of great suggestions to make classes more effective, interesting and fun.
All teachers are eligible to be enrolled in the National Health Insurance program.
The school will cover 50% of the monthly enrollment fee. Currently, the fee is approximately 130,000 won per month, and as a result teachers should expect to contribute approximately 65,000 won per month,
which will be directly deducted from each month’s salary.
Teachers who arrive with family will be allowed to extend health coverage to their family members for an additional (though not substantially significant) fee. The National Health Insurance program allows for visits to both Western medical practitioners as well as traditional Korean medical doctors. An hour long acupuncture session will cost approximately $5 through the Insurance plan. Prescriptions costs are also reduced.
Dental coverage is included in the Insurance plan and a typical dental cleaning appointment may cost approximately 50,000 won, while the removal of wisdom teeth may cost as little as 30,000 won per tooth!
As part of the Visa process, all teachers are expected to submit a medical health questionnaire.
Upon arrival in Korea, teachers will have 90 days during which they must submit to a health check conducted
at a government run hospital.
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