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Here at KnK we have access to an array of resources unavailable in almost any other educational setting in South Korea.
Each teacher conducts their classes in their own classroom for all grades and subjects. They have their own desks and computers for their personal use only. There are also ample storage areas in each individual teacher’s work area. Any resources needed for a class are available at the local stationary shop and all a teacher needs do is inform the supervisor before the purchase, and then provide a receipt. Payment for the items usually takes place the same day.
Materials for science activities can be ordered on-line or purchased at specialty shops under the same conditions. Teachers who use literature circles in their programs or who have group novel reading courses have a wide variety of book stores and on-line vendors to chose from for their desired novels.
Teachers base their curriculum on standard textbooks published by major U.S. text book companies, such as Harcourt Brace, Spectrum, or Houghton Mifflin. However, each individual teacher is expected to use the wide varieties of other resources available to them here to modify and supplement their program to best suit the needs of their individual students. The text books used in class and for homework are seen as
a jumping off point for a more thorough and comprehensive engagement in the curricular materials in a manner designed
by each individual teacher.
In addition to the resources available to each staff member within their own classroom, there are two large auditoriums available for special projects, classes or presentations.
Each room can seat several dozen people and are equipped with a computer, internet access and a projector with which powerpoint or other computer based presentations can be shown on a large screen. These auditoriums are also fully equipped with stereo sound systems.
The crown jewel of our facilities available here at KnK is our library. At over 50,000 titles it is the largest English language library in South Korea. There is a huge variety of subjects covered, from non-fiction reference works to young adult fiction novels all the way down to picture book for toddlers and very beginning English language learners. We also have a large selection of magazines for young readers and an entire room of book sets for students to participate in the “Reading Counts” program.
Our teachers use the library on a daily basis to provide a well rounded and comprehensive classroom program that cannot be achieved by using the text books alone.
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