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KnK operates under the belief that English should be seen as a living language rather than as simply a subject of study such as arithmetic or geometry. As such, the environment in which the child learns is a crucial and fundamental element in achieving success.
The seeds of the concept which later became the KnK program were first sown during Dr. and Mrs. Kim’s efforts to help their two sons to improve their English while the family was living in Texas as their father completed his doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin.
Later, after the family had returned to Korea, both parents were quite disappointed in their experiences with the traditional ESL approach. Thus they started to compile the assorted computer and literature based educational materials which would later become the backbone of the KnK program.
These seeds finally came to fruition in 1998 when their first program was completed . Since that time the Kims have applied their experiences from over 10 years of intensive English instruction for their two sons to the benefit of
other children.
KnK has consistently been committed to providing quality English instruction through the simulation of a standard North American classroom and has been assisted in this goal by a variety of talented and well qualified teachers from both Canada and the United States.
In 2002 KnK was expanded to become the KnK International Homeschool Program (as explained in our educational philosophy) this approach is in keeping with the central tenet of our view that the learning process must be comfortable, engaging and enjoyable. Students must complete roughly one or two years of our homeschool program , while regularly meeting with our staff before they can attend our KnK school.
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