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Parents in Korea are renowned throughout the world for their focus on education and their participation in their child’s school experience. However, many foreigners who have worked in Korea have expressed frustration with how one-sided the exchange often is at many private schools. The parents make demands, the school responds.

The opposite is true here at KnK. Here our parents are encouraged to participate in “Parent’s Academy” a series of lectures by our school’s founder in which he describes our educational philosophy as well as presentations by educational professors, authors and other renowned thinkers in the Korean education system. The parent academy holds weekly meetings and sometimes teachers from our staff are also invited to attend and present on any current projects they are working on, or just to familiarize the parents with the educational programs currently in place.

In the beginning, parents who are new to KnK are encouraged to read the book outlining our school’s educational philosophy as well as attending a special lecture series called “KnK Novice Academy.”
Following participation in the “Novice Academy”, parents enroll
in a series of further lectures and conferences, Novice II, Intermediate and Advanced. Our structure, goals and educational approach are different enough from the norm here in Korea that we find these programs both necessary and useful to ensure
good communication with parents and full cooperation in our demanding programs.
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