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There are several important school events which occur at certain times during the year. These are often attended by our students’ parents who are keen to participate in their children’s educational endeavors. Some of the events are geared towards specific grades, while others are meant to include all the students and teachers together.
Our students enter their classroom study programs only after they have completed about a year or so of home schooling programs, and passed level appropriate entrance exams.  The home schooling and level testing are conducted under the auspices of our Korean staff.  To celebrate their accomplishments, and to mark their entrance into our American and Canadian led classes, these students participate in an early afternoon entrance ceremony complete with roll call, applause, special mentions, and of course refreshments following. We held our eleventh entrance ceremony this past August, and you will find that they usually occur near the end of our summer and winter intensive periods. Those teachers who are accepting these new students into their care (usually only the first and second grade instructors)
are expected to say a few warm words of welcome, and pose for photographs with their new pupils.
A highlight of our academic year is the 5th Grade Graduation Ceremony.  Occasionally the graduation festivities coincide with other events, but are primarily meant to honor the achievements of those students who have completed their entire first through fifth grade American curriculum.  Most of our older students have been with KnK from a very young age onwards, so it is often an emotional moment to see these students celebrate their accomplishments, and to have their efforts recognized in front of an audience of parents, siblings, teachers, administrators, and peers.
Several students are chosen to make speeches, and it’s a pleasure to hear them thank their teachers, and show their appreciation for the staff who has guided them to this point. The students receive bouquets of flowers, and wear traditional caps and gowns, and their most recent teachers may be asked to say a few words.
At the end of every semester, our school holds an open house Presentation Day attended by all of the students, teachers, and parents (along with siblings, grandparents, uncles and aunts!). 
The Presentation Day serves as an occasion to showcase the speaking and research talents of our students.  Those students attending the early grades up to and including the second grade create artistic, yet highly informative, posters concerning some science, social, or language related topic of choice.  Meanwhile, the third graders and up are expected to present using Microsoft PowerPoint slides.  Some teachers also use the occasion to stage small plays, sketches, or have their students sing one or two songs.  A memorable moment from a previous year included the third grade boys singing ‘All You Need is Love’ by the Beatles, with all the parents quickly joining in!
On a more serious note, there are times when the students may opt to attend a standardized testing session. In the past, students have written, and it should be said scored exceedingly well on the Iowa and California state standardized tests. These are conducted under strict and proper conditions, the only difference from their American equivalents being that the students are treated to Korean meals of bulgogi or donkas during their lunch breaks!
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