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We want to hire certified teachers who have previous teaching experience, preferably from the U.S.A, Canada and/or another country’s elementary or middle school system.
You will teach North American elementary school subjects such as Language Arts, Writing, Science and Social Studies, from standard native-English texts (Harcourt-Brace, Holt, Scholastic, etc.). We use a modified North American curriculum, with small class sizes (a maximum of 8 students per class), and MOST of the students either have already, or will soon, study & live overseas. Our students are diligent and hard working, and are enrolled in grade levels ranging from Kindergarten through 8th Grade in Korean public/private schools.
General Working Hours

no more than 22.5-25 teaching hours a week (you will teach a maximum of 30 classes of 45-50 minutes) and
work 5 days a week (Monday  through Friday). Except for RARE cases, there are NO Saturday classes.

Detailed working hours

· Mon~ Fri. 1:30pm (at the earliest during regular terms) - 10:00 pm (at the latest in regular terms).
  This includes your onsite preparation time.
· During the regular semester, our classes begins at 4 p.m. and end at 9:25 p.m.
· No split shifts 
· During Our Summer and Winter Intensives: We work Mon. thru Fri. 12:30 pm - 9:30 pm and collect great over - time.


· Basic Salary : A teacher shall be paid (  ~  ) million Won per month depending on his or her teaching experience   and qualifications. Salary shall be paid on the fifth day of next month or the day of previous to that if it falls on
  a holiday or Sunday

· Severance package : If a teacher fully honors his/her contract, he/she will receive severance pay equivalent to
  a full month’s salary at the end of each one year contract.

· Incentive bonus :
  - Our incentive bonus system truly sets our pay scale apart from other contracts you may have noticed. 
    It rewards you for your hard work above and beyond your regular salary entitlement.

  - On the fifteenth day of the 4th,8th, and 10th month during your contract , and the day after the expiration of your
    contract, you will get paid an additional amount based on your performance during the preceding three months.

  - You will be rewarded based on merit, as evaluated by the school Director (not by your students!) ,
    along the following guidelines:

    ◇ If a teacher receives an excellent quarterly review, he or she shall be paid a bonus of an extra () million Won.

    ◇ If a teacher gets a very good quarterly review, he or she shall be paid () million Won.

    ◇ If a teacher gets a good evaluation, he or she shall be paid () million Won.

    ◇ However, if a teacher gets below good evaluation, there is no incentive bonus.

We are very proud of our teachers, and understand the effort they make, and are quite happy to announce that so far there have been almost consistent ‘Excellent’ evaluations of all of our staff.  If you work hard, you deserve to be rewarded… and four excellent reviews over the course of a year add up to a significant salary increase!  Aren’t you worth it?

· Single furnished housing that is comfortable and convenient
· () Won per month will be given as a housing allowance if the teacher does not need furnished housing
Round-trip Airfare
Vacation and National Holidays
· 20days paid vacation (in two blocks) along with national holidays
Benefits & Taxes
· ()Won per hour rate for overtime
· National Pension and Medical insurance plan
· The payment will be co-shared.
· Minimum Bachelor of Arts/Science degree from a recognized university granted in Primary/Intermediate/Secondary
· Graduate degrees are highly valued.
· Other relevant majors (English Literature, Speech Communications, Linguistics, Theater, etc.) may be considered along
  with appropriate accompanying work experience.
· Preference will be given to province/state Certified Teachers, but a combination of TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certification
  and work experience will also be considered.
· Cover letter, explaining your goals and motivations for teaching in Korea ? answering a follow up questionnaire may
  also be required.
· Resume, detailed, with a recent photo
· Copy of university diploma, notarized by Korean consulate (or original) again, a scan/copy is fine for the initial application
· Scanned transcripts.
· Copy of inside passport page with date of birth and nationality shown
· Two letters of recommendation, written by former employers with contact information clearly visible.
· Copy of teacher certification (optional, but HIGHLY recommended)
· E-2 Applicant’s Health Statement
· A criminal record check certificate

In order to apply for the position at KnK , a criminal record certificate must be prepared in advance.
On the criminal record, it must have internationally recognized notarization (APOSTILLE).
These forms can be obtained from the secretary of your home state. Canadian applicants must get the notarization of criminal records from their nearest Korean consulate. Consult your home country’s embassy website for more information on these requirements as they may change with short notice.

We usually hire new teachers twice a year - for late July or December in accordance with our semester schedule. Candidates are encouraged to begin the application process as early as possible.
So, if you are interested, please contact ;
- recruiter@knkschool.com
- Tel: 82-31-716-6778 / Fax:82-31-713-6778
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