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Here at KnK we believe that students must be actively engaged in the process of creating understanding in order to be effective learners. We want to do much more than simply help our students score high on tests or memorize long and complicated speeches for some completion, we hope to create the future generation of creative and critical thinkers that will become the backbone of Korea’s social, cultural and economic structure in the coming global community.
We believe that each child must learn at their own pace, that the most critical role of teachers is to develop an understanding of the unique needs of each individual student through careful observation and communication with that student and then guide the child through the curriculum in such as way as to maximize student understanding and growth.
Here at KnK students are required to complete at least a year of our “homeschool” program in which they work at their own pace in the comfort of their own home with our carefully chosen series of educational CD-ROMs that are designed to help increase English vocabulary, science and social studies content knowledge, critical and creative thinking skills. Once a student has shown sufficient progress through this curriculum, as well as a satisfactory level of fluency in spoken English and reading comprehension, they are then invited to participate in our language school program where they will work with native teachers in an English only environment designed to be as close a model to the standard classroom as seen in western countries as is possible here in Korea.
The end goal of our program is to create self-directed learners who are able to think critically and creatively and adapt flexibly to a variety of learning environments. We feel that these traits will be the foundation for success in any field of endeavor to which our students apply themselves in the future.
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